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Broughton-and-nn-newsletter-December 2016


Message from a Villager….

 I am trying to let as many people know as  possible that we found deadly nightshade  ( details above) growing in the garden this week – I had thought it was quite an attractive little bush that the previous owners must have planted but luckily my mum was curious about it and identified it as one of the most toxic plants that grows in this country.

I have attached a picture of the purple flowers which in themselves are highly toxic and can cause intense hallucinations if handled but will fruit into very attractive berries.  According to some websites eating just 3-4 can kill an adult so we feel very lucky that the kids didn’t get too close to the plant or confuse the fruit with the black currents we are growing.

I am sure that some of the village residents will be more familiar with horticulture than I am and this will be old news but for those of us who are a little less well informed I hope we can raise some awareness and prevent anyone from putting themselves in danger.


Elle Hart

Park Lane


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