Village Gossip Magazine


As from April……. 2018

If you require an electronic copy of the Gossip please email the editors on  this will happen as soon as it can be organised. Also tell the editors your home address so they know where you live, so we don’t deliver a copy too!

For your information the ‘Gossip’ Magazine is now sent out every other month. The editors are now Cat and Karra. Please email the Gossip email to add anything to the Gossip.

The next ‘Gossip’ is out 1st February 2019back31a2

The deadline to add to the Gossip is the 15th January

The address is

Village Gossip 1st December 2018

Village Gossip 1st October 2018

Village Gossip 1st August 2018

Village Gossip 1st June 2018

Village Gossip 1st April 2018


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