The Village Improvement group

The ‘ Village Improvement Group’  or  VIG ( to make it easier!) ….. helping the village enjoy social gatherings and keeping the village looking good.

Some information on the VIG.

This group,  which was started many years ago, now has many members of the village in its numbers. Always looking for more though!

Some folk join in for specific events and some are always there to help. The Vig raises funds for various activites and also funds projects within the Village. The VIG meet every couple of months to plan the next few projects. Its very informal and we also have a PC member in the group and we are a sub committee of the PC, along with the ‘VIG SCREEN”

Some past and ongoing projects are the planting of all the flower tubs in the Village, of which there are over 26

The VIG has also purchased its own grass strimmer, so that some keen people can help keep the grass tidy at the entrances to the Village tidy in between Council cuts!   You must have noticed the work that one volunteer gets up too!  Does anyone know who is the Strimmer Stig? Many other villagers keep the greens in the village tidy.

This strimmer is available to any volunteer who wants to help out in keeping our Village neat and tidy!

Every Christmas the ‘Pump Green’ has our tree set up on it with lovely lights to welcome you to the Christmas festivities.

Other activities, include the BBQ after the fete, the Christmas Carols and Father Christmas visit in December , the Easter Egg Hunt and of course the Summer fete and the new ‘Har-Fest’ event including the ‘Scarecrow’ competition. Also the VIG Screen films are run through the VIG, which includes cushions for the School chairs!

Also we organise various ‘ fun runs’ for charity through out the year.

These are just a few of the activities the VIG get up to, so please leave a comment if you wish to add to  these activities or projects. If you have any ideas for your funds raised then please do help and leave a comment.  The Parish Council  have a report of our funds as up to date as possible.

Why not come and join us and help out in the Village.

Luci Jordan on 730928, Jess Brown 738851 or Elaine Boswell on 738803 or email



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