North Newington and Broughton Ladies Thursday Club

2018/19 programme


Thursday Club 

The last few meetings of the Thursday Club have been very well attended.

Although the Thursday Club is mainly for ladies, we welcome anyone who would like to come along. The meetings are held at Bishop Carpenter School on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7.30pm. £2.50 person for visitors which includes refreshments and a raffle.

Our recent meetings have included a talk from Ruth Bubb who told us about the restoration of old paintings. Then Freya Hewins from “Giddy Glass” told us about the history of glass and brought along some glass items that she had made, for us to enjoy. In November we had a visit from Springfield Sanctary which informed us about rescuing small animals.

Our Christmas Tea Party will be on 13th December at St Mary’s House in Broughton.

Please do keep an eye out for our future events which will be in the Gossip and the NN website, on the local “Thursday Club” page.  See you all on the  4th Thursday of every month. Thanks, Margaret Morgan, Shutford Road, North Newington.





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