Church Chatter

Watch this space regarding the Broughton Church  news……

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SATURDAY 26 th MAY AT 10.00 am

Please come and lend a hand, the more the merrier.
Refreshments provided
For more information please contact Georgina Style 01295 738307

St Mary’s 100 Club

Would you like to support your parish church AND be in the running for a cash prize? St Mary’s 100 Club offers cash prizes of £60 and £40 each month, and an annual prize of £100. To take part will cost you just £5 per month, and will be a much appreciated and well used donation to the running of the parish church. Mrs Penny Gulliver will help you with all the information to join in on  07808 480880. Penny lives in Valentines Barn in North Newington

St Mary’s House

Have you ever been inside one of the nicest and best equipped small halls in the area? Just up the road opposite the Saye and Sele Arms. It has just had a brand new boiler so can be toasty warm….and is available for you to hire for all sorts of family and group events. Talk to Julie Taylor on  262665


 Watch this space regarding the Broughton Church  news…… this is their website…


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